L'Elzévyr Rauze

01 juin 2007

So..let's begin.


« I've got a message for you,

open your mind and smile,

you have to Be Sex

with Style ».


The plankton is crying, shouting all around the water, feeling the end,against the huge majestic Sperm whale, which established, through her words, a perfect introduction for The Besextiles. Jimmy was here, in his deep sea diving suit, drinking Gin for years until black out when he heard for the very first time what will become our great brand new Anthem.All that announces clearly, a meeting.The guy who has been for a very long time in deep water decided to left water and ocean, leaving at the same time his hallucinatory vision of cruel dolphins and all sorts of strange animals who want him dead ; What a surprise when , he first saw this big airship,from which went down a strange shadow, which turned very quickly in a big curly haired guy, saying from time to time inaudible words about parrots and thirteenth solo.Can you hear me? Those two firsts guys decided to travel together, with their proper matters: for the one, id est leaving his world of water and wander; for the other, it was leaving his land of wonder, the air ,which he never left.So Sky and marine depths Encounter. That's all. But, both of them were on an unknown land , guided only by  their rejection of their past. Travelling in the 13th Solo,they went over a huge forest, more similar to a jungle by its intensity,bulky and totally wild. On the South side off this jungle who became THE main interrogation  in their life, were hills and mountains, from which escaped strange sounds of barrel organs, echoed by the mountains, high and cold. Appearance of a Beast. No it was one more alone guy, not very tall, always grumnling and most of the time , silent; it was a good subject of experimentation for Jack and jimmy, who were in front of a perfect new friend. After some violences with a paranoiac dragon who finally prefers left, scared by the size of the thirteen solo and the thread of Sperm Whales against him, This odd guy, Jurgen Meïnt, joined the two others.What made him important he has a good knowledge of the area, eventhough he has never explored it...He guided them to the Pentateuch Forest, a perfect occasion to declare this apparently hostile jungle their new repair, it was their new wonder, but this time, their common one.Durin the following night, These three guys honoured the Pentateuch dancing and singing the whole night , guided by sounds of weird instruments brought by Jurgen and the environnement, which seemed to be also part of the party,and at the end of the nihgt, we finally found the way....the rain had been scattered by the light, and we knew that no one would never go away.Now  Sky , marines depths and mountain heights were sealed by a common life. What a strange story in the heart...

A day followed by another, and the feeling of a great story was in progress among the three of us

encouraged some peculiar digressions in our lifes, as some football games which ruined Jimmy and Jack ' nerves but led to some good memories, or when Jurgen expresses his disapproval of the paradoxical thesis of a Progression which irremediably led to a Transgression, he was particularly wise and clever for this type of complex theories, but can we really say that Bsex » are complex?.

-------------End of the first part of the part « d'Elzévir Rauze »--------------------


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